We exterminate rats, mice, topillos and all type of rodents with products appropriate for it.

We evaluate the probability of infestation, the place and its characteristics and the species to be controlled, and from this we obtain the most appropriate treatment to end the pest with maximum effectiveness.


Disinsecting treatments to kill cockroach, flea, mosquito, fly, wasp and other insect pests.

We adopted a set of measures aimed at the control and elimination of insects and arthropods that can transmit diseases to humans.


Disinfections for the elimination of fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms.

We eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in those places at risk. Controlling the risks so that it does not reproduce and propage. We apply our treatments in favorable conditions so that the action is the desired one.

Thermite and woodworm treatments

Tratamientos preventivos y curativos de la madera. Eliminación de carcomas y termitas.

Preventive and curative treatment of wood. Elimination of gypsies and termites.

Legionella control

We offer all the necessary services to comply with RD 865/2003 and protect your facility against the risk of legionella infection.

Treatments against weevil

Detection, monitoring, monitoring and effective treatments against red weevil. Personalized treatments.